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1300S Pininfarina Coupe



Two 1300 Zagatos and the Series 1 Pininfarina
Coupe all owned at the same time. It was unusual
that they all had sunroofs. The yellow car does not
present well in the photo but it was a very early car
with aluminium body.

Lancia Fulvia 1600HF… unfortunately the body
restoration was not up to standard and it was
painted whilst I was overseas. When I got back I
was so disappointed as it was full of ripples and I
lost interest and sold it. The 1600HF is a rare car
in Australia and I think this one is now in

1300 Zagato bought in Sydney.

1987 Carerra 3.2 Coupe … it has done approximately 260,000 km but is in very good condition.
This is an Anniversary Model which was optioned up
when new, to have full leather interior, wider rear wheels,and paint work in a very special colour that was only available for one year … quite an interesting colour … parked between grey and silver… a very definite “Lilac”. It is cheap to run, comfortable and reliable. Owned her for almost 5 years and plan to use it forever.

This photograph was taken enroute to Lake Goldsmith on a suburban road. it is possible to find deserted roads
n Central Victoria with wonderful old woodenbridges.